Ways Smart Mother Makes Small Kitchen Look Broad

Indeed, having a house with an area that is not too big, aka small, makes the owner of the kudu smart to divide the room. If not, surely there will be some space that is not optimal. Including a small kitchen. Even though as a housewife, you certainly hope to have a spacious kitchen with complete facilities. But what if your kitchen is very limited in width or narrow? Relax, there are some tricks you can use to make a small kitchen look relieved.

  1. Maximize Each Kitchen Corner for Storage

Generally, the main problem of the small kitchen is caused by a lack of storage. Though all the equipment has the same important function. As a result, the kitchen which is already cramped becomes more chaotic due to lack of adequate storage. The first way to anticipate this situation is to make the right arrangements to be able to provide a broad site kitchen effect. For example, with the use of special drawers and cabinets in the kitchen corner. Then you can use a kitchen organizer that can be attached to the inner cabinet to store cleaning tools. Maximize also the empty spaces in the kitchen as a storage area.

  1. Align the Functions of Every Detail in the Kitchen

When designing a kitchen, you should learn how you cook in the kitchen. That way, you can know what patterns can be used to make a small kitchen design look more spacious and efficient. Believe it or not, the arrangement that is less than the maximum and out of tune will make your kitchen feel crowded. Try to put the place next to the kitchen cupboard or kitchen sink. In addition to being more efficient, a design with a personal approach can make a kitchen that used to feel cramped could be felt more spacious and relieved.

  1. Pay Attention to the Work Area When Cooking

Another problem that causes the small kitchen feels more narrow is a place to process food that is wider than other areas. Most kitchens design this area quite broadly. As a result, you will take a lot of time when cooking. The kitchen feels narrower. Although there is a requirement, this area does not need to be made too large. Simply adjust it with the area of ​​the kitchen you have, and arrange it properly so that more space will increase. You can place it near the dishwashing area to make it more efficient.

  1. Make the Cabinet Arrangement More Organized

To make the small kitchen feel a little wider, prioritize the ideal cabinet arrangement. Adjust each cabinet position according to room conditions more efficiently. For example, for cabinet doors to not hit each other when opened. Also, make each cabinet close together so that space becomes more efficient and more optimal. Putting each of the cooking utensils apart from each other will make work in the kitchen less efficient, right? Therefore think well when designing a small kitchen more organized, especially about the distance between the cabinet.

  1. Consider the Kitchen Room Ventilation Problem

Like other rooms, the kitchen room also needs good ventilation to remove smoke when cooking to other typical kitchen aroma problems. Proper ventilation, in addition to being able to have a broad effect, will also make fresh air circulation better. The distinctive aroma of the kitchen no longer sticks to the body, clothes and other home furniture. You can use a hood that can inhale kitchen smoke and reduce unpleasant odors according to your cooking capacity every day.

  1. Pay Attention to Adequate Lighting

Another complaint about why the kitchen feels narrower is the lack of lighting. Lighting is very important, especially for cooking activities. Therefore, pay attention to the lighting in the kitchen, such as work area or countertop area, cooking area, washing area, and other important areas. Also, pay attention to any shadow furniture that can cover the cooking area. If possible, you can add small lights to the wall to provide additional lighting.

  1. Pay attention to the question of disposal in the kitchen

When designing a small kitchen for more relief, don’t forget to pay attention to the matter of landfills. Inadequate trash cans in the kitchen can cause unpleasant odors to spread everywhere. Therefore, it is very important to get around the trash bin for the kitchen according to its use. Ideally, the kitchen has several garbage bins, for example, a place for recycled waste is placed in a hidden place. Then other rubbish bins are used to store wet or organic waste which must be disposed of immediately.

  1. Create a Kitchen Area Together with the Dining Room

The next tip so that the small kitchen feels more spacious is by removing the divider between the dining room and kitchen. Besides being more efficient, this can make it easier to switch from the kitchen to the dining table. In addition to making the small kitchen design look more stylish, try choosing a chair and dining table with a minimalist shape but still comfortable. Too large kitchen furniture only takes up space and causes the kitchen to feel crowded.

  1. The Right Choice of Paint

Who said if the design of a small kitchen can not look elegant? With the right color selection, a small kitchen can you know look more elegant. For example, a combination of white paint on the wall with a countertop table made of shiny black granite can give the impression of luxury and elegance, you know.

Coupled with the selection of kitchen floors with black and white that looks like a chessboard can produce an amazing kitchen space. Especially when exposed to light, it becomes more elegant and more comfortable when cooking in the kitchen. Trust me!

  1. Create a Kitchen Overlooking the Open Space

Ventilation is not just a matter of a vacuum cleaner, but there are windows too. Well, so that the atmosphere of a small kitchen feels the day after tomorrow, try using a large window in the kitchen overlooking open space. Not only feels more extensive, but the atmosphere of the kitchen will also get fresh air. It is also able to make sunlight easier to enter the kitchen. To be fresher, you can add plants or flowers around the window. This design will make cooking in the kitchen more relaxed and fun.

 Even a spacious kitchen will feel cramped if you can’t set it properly. Conversely, with the right layout and interior design, your small kitchen will feel more spacious.