Want to Build a House with Limited Funds? Don’t Forget 6 These Tips

Until now, building a house is still something that is wanted by everyone even though the land is increasingly limited. The proliferation of new apartments in Indonesia also does not rule out the possibility that there are still many people who want to build houses for their families.

Soaring home prices make prospective residents have to take into account many things before building a house, especially for those of you who have a limited budget. Actually it’s not as complicated as imagined, so long as you are careful enough in designing the preparation to build a house.

Use a Small Land to Build a House

If you are just planning to buy vacant land to build your dream home, choose a relatively small land area. Small areas make things easier. The cost that you spend to buy land is clearly cheaper.
Small land requires that you build a relatively small house too, so that the cost of building a house becomes cheaper. The tax you pay will also be cheaper. With the various benefits of using a small land, your life in the future can be simpler and the overall cost becomes more affordable.

Building a Simple House

Whether you want to build a house with a modern, contemporary, colonial, art deco, or traditional architectural style; build a simple and functional house. Avoid using excessive detail.
Why? When building a simpler house, the process of building a house becomes easier. When the process is easier, spending becomes less because the artisans do not need to worry when building a house. Second, with a simple building, home care is easier.

Don’t Choose Bad Quality Materials

Who doesn’t want his house to last for tens or hundreds of years like a Dutch colonial house? Well, even though your budget is minimal, try to choose quality materials to build your dream home. that does not mean we tell you to use expensive materials huh Cheap materials are not always cheap, you know.
Make sure you do material research before buying. Do not just because you want to push the budget when building a house, you choose materials that are quickly damaged, must be renovated in less than 5 years, for example.
The costs and needs of home renovation and other treatments may not be possible, you know. If you notice, a typical Dutch colonial house can be much more durable because the construction uses quality materials.

Low Maintenance Material for Building Houses

When we talk about quality materials, not all quality ingredients are suitable for building a house with a minimal budget. Watch how you care for the material you choose to build a house. Do not let you use a material, but the treatment is troublesome until you have to drain the cost just for treatment.

For example, now tile made from metal can be a better option than clay-based tiles. The treatment of metal roof tiles does not need to be done many times, unlike clay tiles that have to be replaced regularly, especially if there are broken tiles. Avoid using wood floors that cannot stand when exposed to water. There are still many choices of low maintenance materials for building a house that you desire.

Reduce Use of Built-in Furniture

Currently, built-in furniture is quite attractive because of its flexibility (can be customized as desired). But do you know that the use of built-in furniture can make the cost of building a house swell?
When you want built-in furniture, you can’t buy it directly (ready stock in the store). In addition, you will have to add more fees to a specialized artisan to make built-in furniture. Installation of built-in furniture is also more complicated than ordinary furniture.

Request assistance with interior design services

This is what seems to be considered less by people who want to build a house with a minimal budget. Even though you want to reduce costs, don’t hesitate to leave it to the more professional ones in building your house. Choose architects, interior designers and contractors with a good reputation. For example, decoration interior design services. Services from more professional parties are important because they can minimize mistakes in building a house that might occur.