To Avoid Danger, Choose a Usb Fan

Have you ever thought if you were wrong in choosing a fan? Instead of giving coolness in the house, the wrong fan gives a bad impression on the house. Buying a fan is not based on shape and price alone, you have to re-measure the room that the fan will put. Wasted money will be useless if it turns out that the fan that you have already purchased doesn’t even fit the room. Here it is the danger that will occur if you get the wrong fan!


Forget the Height and Area of ​​the Room


If you have a room that is not too big and tall, a ceiling fan is not recommended for a room below 3 meters high. Why? Because it will endanger the occupants in the room. Ceiling fans do not have a protective box or frame like other fans. If you force yourself to install a ceiling fan in a room that is not high in the ceiling and tends to be narrow, the occupants might be exposed to the fan when turned on.

Likewise, if your room has enough high ceilings. You can choose a fan with a ceiling fan model or a USB fan. The use of a USB fan can be utilized to reduce the use of AC in the room and help the circulation of wind into the house. Not only that, with the Vankool VAD18-IQ air cooler, but it also uses an LCD control panel that you can use anywhere. The Vankool VAD18-IQ air cooler also does not consume large power, i.e. 220V / 50Hz-60Hz, equipped with three levels of speed namely slow, medium, and fast.


Toddler Children Are Not Friendly With Sitting Fans


For those of you who already have a family and have small children, security is number one in the house. A sitting fan is not suitable for those of you who have toddlers. Children under five who tend to be active in their development have a lot of curiosity. All objects around the house will be easy targets for curiosity.


Children under five cannot distinguish dangerous items until they feel it themselves. As parents, surely we don’t want to see our baby to be hurt?

Although the iron fan has a framework as a safety from the fan blades, a small toddler’s hand can slip in the framework, so it is not recommended for you who have toddlers to choose an iron fan.

As an alternative, you can choose a fan with a plastic material with a standing fan model. This model tends to be far safer from your baby’s reach because of the high fan head.


Fan Propeller Material Too Thin


Sometimes choosing a fan is considered to be an easy matter, as long as an important purchase can light up. But there are some things you should know before you choose the fan and end up regretting it.

Pay attention to the shape of the blades of the fan, thin material will certainly not give a big gust of wind. The fan blades do not have to be always thick, but the proportions of the propeller, the size, and the motor must match. If appropriate, the fan can provide the wind you want.


Need additional cables that make you so troublesome


Using a fan is not only indoors. when you have an outdoor event in hot weather, you can install a fan. But what happens if there are limited electrical sockets, so you can’t use power?

To keep your outdoor events successful without overheating, you can rely on a usb fan. Usually, portable fans are mini or small, so they don’t take up space. This makes it easy for you to carry it everywhere.


One of the USB fans that you can look at here

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The advantage of the Vankool VAD18-IQ air cooler is that it can store power in a USB battery, with a 1200 mAh battery. The charging time on the fan is fairly standard, ie two hours with a duration of 2.5 hours. With the Vankool VAD18-IQ mini fan, you will feel cool throughout the activity!


Fan Structure Must Be Sturdy


Unlike the propellers, the fan body must be thick so that it is strong to support the entire fan when it is on. The body of a sturdy fan can reduce the vibration of the fan motor, so the fan does not make a sound when it is on.


The fan does not rotate


Exposed to the wind is delicious, the sweat on the body becomes dry quickly. But if you are constantly exposed to the wind from the fan, instead of enjoying the coolness you will catch a cold. Choosing a fan that can spin is the solution so that you and your family don’t get sick.


Not Observing Power and Voltage


Observing the power and voltage on the fan is useful to know how much electricity is consumed when the fan is on. Choose a fan that has low power and voltage if you have an electric quota that is not too large.

Insufficient home electricity will also damage the fan that has high power. This happens because electricity can not be enough to power the fan when it is on. Also, low power helps you to save electricity payments at the end of the month.


Choosing a fan is not difficult, but it turns out there are still many things that are often overlooked by us when choosing a fan. Don’t make the wrong choice!