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West Michigan Property & Garden Show

07/07/2016 Author 0

Recycling your plastic is wonderful for the atmosphere, but just before you transport them to the recycling center, believe of what you can DO with them. Some pretty ground covering plants such as Wooly thyme (Thymus Lanuginosus), Ornamental strawberry (Rosacae), or Irish moss (Sagina suulata) would appear beautiful in a container as effectively as out in a garden. I suppose in addition to that, you may have that frugal gene that gets unexplainable glee at being as inexpensive as feasible on what can be the intense challenge of a trip to the plant store.

This report will show how to transform a kitty litter bucket into a lovely plant container. When you happen to be on a mission to find Tuscan patio garden accents it’s enjoyable to search your local tag sales, flee markets, estate sales and of course eBay! I consider I’m in enjoy with the Mantis – I first saw one a couple of years ago at the Chelsea Flower Show. Put fabric tents up more than cabbage plants, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli to maintain away garden pests. Don’t give us your address or numerous Squids will be stopping by for afternoon tea in the garden.

Below are …