It is not so tough of a job really, I spend a lot of time driving around with this aged hippy who has a moving company. Of course he only works a little and that is the big problem with the job. We move whatever people want us to move. Sofas are not bad at all, but you do not want to see a sofa bed. That is a lot heavier and this guy is not exactly huge and bulked up. He is big enough for the job and usually he will have me and this other guy, which obviously means that the two of us are going to be the ones moving the heavy stuff. Since he is writing the checks I am great with that. He pays really well and he does not take out taxes on me, so I am really happy with that part of it. Like I said the only issue is that I am only working a few days a week.

Some of the time we work on the weekend and then we do not work at all the entire week. Obviously you would prefer it if you worked all week and had the weekend to play, but I can not really complain. Since I am living with my Mom and I am going to be going off to college in a few months I need to save all of the money that I can. I am going to be close enough that I think that I may be able to come home and get some hours if it works out like that. This is a really sweet old guy and he may well be willing to let me pick up random days, which would obviously we on the weekend. I am working nights at a much worse job.

I Have a Great Part Time Job