A greenhouse effect is a warming event that occurs on the surface of a celestial body. The greenhouse effect occurs because of the composition and atmospheric state of a celestial body that holds back the reflection of solar energy in the form of infrared radiation on earth.
Gases in the Earth’s atmosphere that can cause greenhouse effects to include carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen monoxide (NO), sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and some organic compounds such as a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and methane.

The greenhouse effect will lead to global warming, namely an increase in the surface temperature of the earth which causes extreme climate change. Extreme climate change will disrupt the balance of ecosystems and forests on the earth so that ways to overcome the greenhouse effect and global warming must be done as early as possible. Here are some powerful ways to overcome the greenhouse effect and global warming on earth:

1. Cultivate electricity-saving attitudes

Electricity is a form of energy that many people need. Although not all humans use electricity, electricity is the energy needed and used by most people who live in a modern life culture. However, electricity from power plants today mostly uses fossil fuels that produce carbon dioxide. The more electricity usage, the more waste gas in the form of carbon dioxide so that the greenhouse effect can get worse.

In addition to cultivating electricity-saving attitudes, ways to overcome the greenhouse effect and global warming can be done by using natural energy to produce electricity. Natural energy, for example, is the energy of water and wind flow so that there is no carbon dioxide exhaust gas.


2. Plant as many trees as possible and protect the forest

Trees and other chlorophyll plants have a big role in cleaning the air because chlorophyll plants have the ability to process carbon dioxide, water, sunlight and nutrients into organic matter and oxygen.

Oxygen is one of the factors that determine the life of all living things on earth. That is why its existence is indispensable. Without oxygen, humans and other living things cannot breathe and cannot live. That is why the more trees planted on earth, the more air that can be gleaned from various pollutants.

Besides planting as many trees as possible, how to overcome the greenhouse effect and global warming can also be done by protecting the forest. The prevention of carelessly cutting trees in the forest also needs to be done. This is very important because the forest functions as the lungs of the world as well as balancing the ecosystem. Forests, especially forest species that have not been touched by humans, have a very good ecosystem balance so that many animals and plants live and survive the influence of the external environment.


3. Reduce the use of oil-fueled transportation equipment

Burning produces carbon dioxide gas as a waste gas. Not only burning fossil fuels but also burning fuel oil such as gasoline. If oil-fueled transportation equipment is widely used and the number is increasing, then carbon dioxide that is discharged into the atmosphere is also increasing.

As a result, the greenhouse effect and global warming that occur will be even worse. That’s why oil-fueled transportation equipment should be reduced in use. Reduce the use of private vehicles and switch to using public transportation to reduce carbon dioxide gas in the air.

How to overcome the greenhouse effect and global warming from the transportation aspect can also be done by using transportation equipment with alternative energy that does not produce carbon dioxide as a waste gas such as bicycles, hydrogen-fueled cars and so on.

How to Overcome Global Warming