One of the most common fears of many homeowners is dealing with an intruder breaking into their home. Unfortunately, burglars target residential properties at any time of the day when looking to steal valuables. If you want to stay safe and protect yourself if you have to confront an intruder, there are a few important tips to take.

Access Your Weapons

Make it a point to purchase weapons that can be stored in a safe and easily accessed if you need protection once someone breaks into your home. Practice using the guns at a shooting range and only use it once the individual enters your home. Keep the gun loaded to ensure that you can use it quickly once you hear someone break in. Depending on the state that you live in, you can also choose to use pepper spray if you want to escape.

Find a Place to Hide

If you have the time, it can be safer to hide from the intruder and go unnoticed until the burglar leaves or the police arrive. Plan ahead with your family on discrete areas where the intruders won’t look. Consider hiding behind clothes in closets or under beds. You may also try to stay where you are and lock the door to the room, according to A saferoom can also allow you to stay in a protected area that the intruder won’t be able to access.

Take Aggressive Action as a Last Resort

In rare situations, you may need to have a physical fight or struggle with the person who is breaking in. Look for an opportunity when the intruder lets down his guard and is most vulnerable to an attack. Use a hard object that can be used to strike his throat or eyes, which can allow you to flee the property. You can also take self-defense classes ahead of time to be prepared and know the right moves to make that will allow you to injure the intruder.

Create a Distress Code

Create a distress code with your alarm company to alert them that you need immediate help. You can signal trouble once the company calls you when the alarm sounds. Most signals are certain phrases, which can include, “No, I can’t meet in the morning.” You can also avoid picking up the call to ensure that the alarm company calls the police. According to, it’s also important to have a code word with your children to ensure that they hide when they hear you say it.

Try to Cooperate

Try to cooperate with the intruder to avoid upsetting them or increase your risk of getting injured. Talk in a normal voice and avoid making sudden moves. Avoid making eye contact, which can be taken as aggressive behavior. Most intruders will leave the home if you avoid making sudden movements that can surprise or startle them. Keep your arms up to show that you aren’t armed and are willing to cooperate. Keeping your arms up will also help you to protect yourself if you’re attacked.


How to Handle a Break-In