How to build a mandatory home foundation is very necessary, because it sees its function as the main support of a building structure. Without this support, the building will not be able to stand firm and will most likely be unfit for habitation because it will not pass the safety standard test.
Incorrect installation of the foundation will cause the building to become unstable in strength. Usually, it can be detected from the quality of cracked walls and cracked floors with uneven surfaces. We recommend that on this foundation-making plan, there is nothing wrong if you use the services of an architect or civilian as a consultant who can provide advice in choosing the right type of foundation and installation method.
Before discussing how to build a home foundation, here are the types of house foundations that you should know:

1. Shallow foundation

This type of foundation is usually used in one-story buildings. Its function is more as a support for the structural load during brick installation. Shallow foundation types are:
• River stone foundation (made of natural stone with various sizes arranged in its arrangement, then tied with a mixture of ingredients with a certain composition)
• Foundation bricks (made of bricks tied with a mixture of sand, cement, and water whose size uses certain calculation standards)
• Foundation Foot Plate/strip foundation (made of reinforced concrete)
• Chicken claw foundation (made of reinforced concrete with additional reinforcement under it)

2. Deep Foundation

If you want to plan a way to build a foundation with 2 or more floors, this type of foundation is very suitable for use with the principle of a working system that has been done a lot. The structure uses reinforced concrete with a depth of about 1.5 m – 2 m. Its structural properties are very sturdy, able to withstand heavy structural loads to the roof.
The types of deep foundation are:
• Bore Pile (made of precast concrete made on site, by drilling on the ground before inserting the reinforcement and ending with the casting process)
• Pile foundation (made of precast concrete made at the factory, with a length of about 10 m – 30 m which is plugged into the earth’s ground during the erection process)
Tips and Ways to Build a Home Foundation
• Preferably before installing the foundation, determine in advance the size and shape of the plan that will be fitted with the foundation.
• Make a bow plank or building board as a benchmark to determine the midpoint (point of as) of the column body, and to determine the elbow point of 90 degrees on the column body.
• Digging for the foundation holes needed. Excavation sites should be carried out on hard soil texture types. If the soil texture is not too hard, then it must dig deeper.

How to Build a Simple and Strong Home Foundation