A smart home is a special type of home which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology so that it can remotely control and automate household appliances like lighting, ceiling fans (https://atomberg.com/fans/ceiling-fans/), doors, thermostats, entertainment systems, surveillance cameras, etc. In this type of homes, most of the electrical appliances can be controlled remotely with the help of your smartphone or tablet. Here the owner of the house can control features like security access to the home, switching on and off the lights, ceiling fan, controlling the temperature of thermostat without being physically present in the home. Not only this, the appliances are also able to send alerts to the owner when they suspect any uncanny environment in the house like forceful access to the door, leaving the lights or ceiling fan switched on for a long duration of times, etc. Here are some features which can impart a smart tag to your home.

Control the Door Access with Your Smartphone

The smart homes are equipped with security control system which would enable you to monitor the access to the door, locking and unlocking of the door, utilise lighting control to illuminate certain areas for added protection of the house. The security surveillance of the house can be extended by the use of video door-bells which can be turned on with the help of your smartphone, and it would help you to keep an eye on the visitors who wish to enter your house in your absence. The smart door of the house is also equipped to send you to alert if somebody tries to forcefully enter your house. So, with the help of smart doors, you can keep a track of the events going on near your main gate every when you are halfway around the globe. The smart video doorbells are available in brands like Panasonic, Godrej, Kross, etc in India.

Set the Mood with Smart Lights and Smart Ceiling Fans

The smart homes come with a wide array of smart LED lights and smart ceiling fans which can be switched on and off with the help of your remote control. The remote control panel of these smart devices is enabled with timer mode and the sleep mode in which helps you to automatically switch off the fans and lights after certain programmed hours and gradually reduce the speed of the fan as the night approaches. The smart fans and light also help you to reduce the energy consumption of these devices by a significant figure. You can buy smart LED lights from Philips, Mipow, etc and the smart ceiling fans from Atomberg, Havell, Crompton Greaves, etc.

Control the Home’s Internal Environment with Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is used in the smart homes to regulate the house’s heating and air conditioning system. They are a type of programmable thermostat and are used to regulate the temperature of your house throughout the day even in your absence with the help of a preset program. The smart thermostats are also connected to the internet so that you can remotely control the specifications with the help of your smartphone. You can buy the smart thermostat in India from brands like Siemens, Honeywell, VisionPRO, etc.

Smart Air Purifiers

Since the air pollution in India is of alarming level the smart air purifier is another important feature of the smart home. The main function of the air purifier is to filter the air from the pollutants inside your home. They are equipped with sensors which can keep a track of the air quality, temperature and humidity in your room. The smart air purifiers can also detect the presence of VOC or the volatile organic compounds like carbon monoxide, ammonia, and methane in your house. The smart air purifiers are available in India from the brands Kent, Xiaomi, etc.

So, these are some of the features of your smart home. Owning a smart home is still considered as a status symbol in the society.



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