Cleaning Houses to be Clean and Healthy

Cleaning a house is not just sweeping and mopping. Some objects in the house must also be cleaned thoroughly, so that family members are healthier.
Cleaning the house should be a routine thing to do, so that the health of family members is maintained. However, cleaning the house is not just sweeping and mopping

1. Bed

Cleaning the bed with a broom stick is apparently not enough. Mites also often breed in damp and warm places, the layer of your dead skin that falls during sleep will be a good food for mites.
Therefore, replace your bed sheets and blankets regularly. And dry the mattress and pillow occasionally in the hot sun to kill fleas that might breed.

2. Carpets or carpets

The carpet stores a lot of dust, dirt, and also your dead skin cells. Of course this makes the carpet a haven for mites to grow.
Clean the carpet by drying it outside, pat it hard to remove dust. If necessary, use a special vacuum cleaner that can clean mites.

3. Cat’s fur

If you raise a cat, you should clean your house more often. Cat hairs that fall around the house can cause allergies.

4. Doormat

Doormat is a gathering place for dirt, washing and drying the mat on a regular basis to ensure you and your family do not experience health problems because the mat is too dirty.

5. Ornamental plants

Ornamental plants placed inside the house can spread fungi because of the excess watering. Therefore, be careful when watering it, high humidity levels can make the fungus grow.
In addition, several types of ornamental plants can be dangerous for children.

6. Trash can

Of course you also know that trash cans are a nest for bacteria and germs. Because it does not hurt to wash the trash can inside occasionally.
Covering the surface with plastic can also reduce the dirty impact in the trash, do not forget to use a disinfectant when cleaning the trash.

7. Curtain

Curtains in the window often escape our attention. Though curtains are also important to clean. You can wash it once a month, or remove dust from the curtains with a vacuum cleaner regularly.
A clean house will certainly make your family more comfortable and healthy. Invite the whole family to help you while cleaning the house. Cleaning a house can be a fun activity with your family.