How to prevent damage to your wooden floors

Elegant and warm, wood is a classic choice for flooring. If properly cared for, it can last a lifetime.

As explained by WikiHow, the key is a regular cleaning routine.


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 Sweep regularly

Tiny particles of dirt and debris can dull or scratch wooden floors when tracked through your home. Sweep your floors often to remove any fragments that can reduce the life of wood flooring.

Vacuum technique

Sweeping your wood flooring with a broom is softer and far less damaging to its surface. It’s important when vacuuming to use the correct hardwood attachment, which is uniquely designed to be gentle on wood and laminate flooring.

Forget mopping

Saturating your wood flooring can cause moisture to leak into the wood fibres, causing the boards to warp and swell permanently. If your wooden floors need to be thoroughly cleaned, a barely damp cloth would do the job.


Always be wary about the cleaners that you use, as some can cause damage and strip the finish off the floor. Whether you choose wood or laminates, such as those found at, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines.

Avoid any cleaner that contains ammonia or vinegar, as highly acidic solvents can etch or dull the flooring over time.


High heels, spikes and other sports shoes can cause serious damage to your flooring, and can track harmful dirt across your floors. When home, it’s best to leave your shoes at the door to avoid scuffs and scratches.


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 Pets and furniture

Remember to keep pet claws short and smooth, as long nails can scratch floor boards.

Attach felt pads to the bottom of sofas, tables and chairs to stop scuffs and scratches when furniture is used or moved. If you do move furniture, always be sure to lift rather than push it across the floor.


Placing rugs in your home can protect the flooring, particularly in high traffic spaces such as entryways and hallways.

Doormats are also important, as they catch dust and other debris.

A care schedule

Regular maintenance is required for wood flooring to keep its shine and durability. As well as cleaning, sanding and recoating your flooring with finish every 5 years, adding a protective coating of wax annually can ensure your flooring lasts for generations.…

How to Handle a Break-In

One of the most common fears of many homeowners is dealing with an intruder breaking into their home. Unfortunately, burglars target residential properties at any time of the day when looking to steal valuables. If you want to stay safe and protect yourself if you have to confront an intruder, there are a few important tips to take.

Access Your Weapons

Make it a point to purchase weapons that can be stored in a safe and easily accessed if you need protection once someone breaks into your home. Practice using the guns at a shooting range and only use it once the individual enters your home. Keep the gun loaded to ensure that you can use it quickly once you hear someone break in. Depending on the state that you live in, you can also choose to use pepper spray if you want to escape.

Find a Place to Hide

If you have the time, it can be safer to hide from the intruder and go unnoticed until the burglar leaves or the police arrive. Plan ahead with your family on discrete areas where the intruders won’t look. Consider hiding behind clothes in closets or under beds. You may also try to stay where you are and lock the door to the room, according to A saferoom can also allow you to stay in a protected area that the intruder won’t be able to access.

Take Aggressive Action as a Last Resort

In rare situations, you may need to have a physical fight or struggle with the person who is breaking in. Look for an opportunity when the intruder lets down his guard and is most vulnerable to an attack. Use a hard object that can be used to strike his throat or eyes, which can allow you to flee the property. You can also take self-defense classes ahead of time to be prepared and know the right moves to make that will allow you to injure the intruder.

Create a Distress Code

Create a distress code with your alarm company to alert them that you need immediate help. You can signal trouble once the company calls you when the alarm sounds. Most signals are certain phrases, which can include, “No, I can’t meet in the morning.” You can also avoid picking up the call to ensure that the alarm company calls the police. According to, it’s also important to have a code word with your children to ensure that they hide when they hear you say it.

Try to Cooperate

Try to cooperate with the intruder to avoid upsetting them or increase your risk of getting injured. Talk in a normal voice and avoid making sudden moves. Avoid making eye contact, which can be taken as aggressive behavior. Most intruders will leave the home if you avoid making sudden movements that can surprise or startle them. Keep your arms up to show that you aren’t armed and are willing to cooperate. Keeping your arms up will also help you to protect yourself if you’re attacked.


House Building Kits

I never know how a lot of trees are logged to generate the amount of paperwork that goes into every single actual estate transaction. For example, if you use your inspiration fabric for draperies in your living area, you might use the very same fabric for a couple of throw pillows for the sofa, and possibly as welting or upholstery for a chair. The listing agreement lists all the terms of the agreement in between you and your agent, along with other brokers and agents (considered sub-agents in California) who will be displaying your home to prospective purchasers. Victoria Lynn, I feel for you promoting a residence and I hope it goes fantastic for you.

If you can add functions that support make cleaning less difficult, you are a lot more probably to entice a lady to acquire the house. I comprehend this post is over three years old, but as a actual estate agent in the United States for virtually eight years, I’d like to address some of these problems. Modern conveniences would be completely integrated into an otherwise old style country house.

Pick up the colors of some of the ocean walk finds for a neutral palette: warm beige, sand, driftwood gray, shell white. As I say in the introduction, real estate is no diverse than any other industry – there are bad apples in every single barrel. Nonetheless, he should have approached a residence to get food as he was getting fed by the couple who handed him in. Freddie is not a individuals friendly cat but when his survival depended on it he knew how to manipulate humans.

Soon after their residence is built, players can commit more and much more bells – the game currency – to upgrade and expand the property by producing rooms bigger and adding several stories. You are going to also locate some specially chosen sources to aid you obtain a historically sensitive Victorian interior decorating style that suits your home’s architecture as properly as your personal way of life and taste preferences.

Absolutely everyone wants a casual dining location correct off the kitchen and in Michelle’s case, there isn’t sufficient real estate to fit her dining set with seating for six. The table is pushed correct up against the wall where the two chairs back against. Location the pillows, cushions, curtains and carpets of the residence inside plastic bags and keep them in sunny outdoors all through the day.…

‘Full House’ Residence In San Francisco On The Industry For $4.15 Million

Ok I will be sincere, I have a challenging enough time as it is thinking of witty blog post titles and there’s two factors incorrect with this distinct lame title for a start. Your suggestions are on the mark as I am in the actual estate niche and in reality I also create about this on my blog and free report considering that it is a below utilized tool by For Sale By Property Owners. Alternatively, a tropical and content atmosphere is also a single that is native to the beach house in hot climes. Images of the original Pickfair estate in the 1920s give us a glimpse of Doug and Mary’s life. Property costs right here and in the surrounding regions are tumbling (for smaller 2/3 bed homes)and it is these that are not selling. The home was constructed in 1928 and has nine bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms.

We once had close friends trying to sell a property and one household that looked at it did not like their decorating, not the colors but the things they had in the home. Over the initial layer of thinset I utilized Schluter DITRA , an uncoupling membrane that will aid avert cracking when my tiny property moves. I would venture to say that the quantity of unethical vs. ethical Actual Estate Agents is about equal to the quantity of unethical vs. ethical something else.

Offered all of the updating and upgrading we did, we produced out quite effectively when we re-sold the residence two and a half years later. According to the 2011 census, Leeds is the third biggest city, by population, in the UK. One of the biggest success stories of the Industrial Revolution, Leeds was once the thriving hub of a vast network of wool and linen mills. We saw a property that had a garments shoot to the basement and all the clothes had been on the floor with meals mixed in. It was disgusting. A 20′ x 80′ metal creating of a type usually employed for warehouses is the outer shell of the property.

As a former genuine estate investor who bought and sold numerous properties, I typically did so without the use of a actual estate agent. The dilemma was that Crowley halted the ritual half way by way of to go to Paris and that has led to Boleskine Residence becoming a portal to the other planet. Subsequent home I will have a single dish washer draw in the island bench as nicely as a complete dishwasher in the butlers pantry. I hope these inexpensive remodeling suggestions can aid folks repair up a house without having going broke. Damp walls can affect your belongings and your health, and it’s just not nice living in a damp property.

This blew the complete center of the home open,” says Scott Lane, a Kansas City true estate broker and Drummond enthusiast. Even 1-two hours per day in the middle of winter can make a enormous distinction to the temperature inside the residence. There is no set amount of time to ventilate a property – it varies based on how much moisture is in the air inside and how considerably outdoors, as well as the temperature and the airflow price. The water tower was put on concrete stilts, windows were cut into the walls and wooden panels had been added to the exterior.…

Samantha Pynn ~ House To Home

I photographed this warm and breezy residence for Canadian House & Residence magazine. I haven’t observed enough of the globe to choose where I’d want my home to be but I enjoy the aunts home in the film Sensible Magic. I have been a true estate agent/realtor in the US for 20+ years and there are numerous in the organization who think nothing about hurting their clientele for their personal profit. This is where you should hold all those appliances that you use everyday which normally clutter up the kitchen counters: kettle, toaster, coffee machine and juicer at my house. Even though we have extremely a lot enjoyed our initial (and present) home at (address), we have outgrown its footprint.

In any case, if the exterior is not sealed, then it is extremely likely that you have damp that has come by means of the wall – although I’d also query how it really is managed to bridge any cavity wall. Fantastic ideas for these who are remodeling or acquiring a home for their elderly folks. Browse dramatic makeovers, the most current furnishings, fabrics and accessories, expert style guidance, DIY suggestions, plus recipes and ideas for sophisticated entertaining.

Heather has been a standard contributor to Grands Reportages magazine in France exactly where her work has also been seen in Figaro Magazine, Hotel & Lodge and Le Monde des Religions. Pickfair mansion, the second-most popular home in America behind the White Property, was a gorgeous and warm house, decorated with department store French reproduction furnishings, antiques and fine art. My husband and I are seeking at getting a run down Victorian period home and attempting to restoreit to its former glory, Some great details to begin, Thank you.

Particularly considering that according to the 2012 census the median household revenue was $51,371 (that’s for everyone in the residence over 15 years old). I am extremely, really allergic to smoke and identified that even when we clarify that we can not have a home that has been smoked in, the sellers still lie. They might be scrap wood from about the residence, in that case the dog property might or may not come out too eye-catching based upon the pieces you have available and you may possibly have to cobble together a strategy for creating the dog residence considering that the pieces aren’t probably to match what would be necessary for the plans accessible.

Jim Poteet’s creation appears vibrant and exciting and sets a new benchmark in shipping container house design and style. In her later years she started spending all her time upstairs in her bedroom, seldom leaving the home. He was at my residence in the morning when I very first place the meals out, and was a single of the last to consume ahead of I went to week I noticed that he had a dilemma with his eyes. The house is made from a standard 40 foot shipping container and is situated in the San Antonio artists neighborhood. Bear in mind that this write-up isn’t an finish-all for decorating your property in Minecraft.…