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To Avoid Danger, Choose a Usb Fan

02/07/2020 Author 0

Have you ever thought if you were wrong in choosing a fan? Instead of giving coolness in the house, the wrong fan gives a bad impression on the house. Buying a fan is not based on shape and price alone, you have to re-measure the room that the fan will put. Wasted money will be useless if it turns out that the fan that you have already purchased doesn’t even fit the room. Here it is the danger that will occur if you get the wrong fan!


Forget the Height and Area of ​​the Room


If you have a room that is not too big and tall, a ceiling fan is not recommended for a room below 3 meters high. Why? Because it will endanger the occupants in the room. Ceiling fans do not have a protective box or frame like other fans. If you force yourself to install a ceiling fan in a room that is not high in the ceiling and tends to be narrow, the occupants might be exposed to the fan when turned on.

Likewise, if your room has enough high ceilings. You can choose a fan with a ceiling fan model or a …

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Want to Build a House with Limited Funds? Don’t Forget 6 These Tips

13/06/2019 Author 0

Until now, building a house is still something that is wanted by everyone even though the land is increasingly limited. The proliferation of new apartments in Indonesia also does not rule out the possibility that there are still many people who want to build houses for their families.

Soaring home prices make prospective residents have to take into account many things before building a house, especially for those of you who have a limited budget. Actually it’s not as complicated as imagined, so long as you are careful enough in designing the preparation to build a house.

Use a Small Land to Build a House

If you are just planning to buy vacant land to build your dream home, choose a relatively small land area. Small areas make things easier. The cost that you spend to buy land is clearly cheaper.
Small land requires that you build a relatively small house too, so that the cost of building a house becomes cheaper. The tax you pay will also be cheaper. With the various benefits of using a small land, your life in the future can be simpler and the overall cost becomes more affordable.

Building a Simple House

Whether you …